The Yellow Emperor has been serving the community of San Anselmo and the greater Marin area for 40 years. We offer complimentary health care services including AcupunctureMassageHerbs, Nutrition and Qi Gong therapies:  the 5-Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

At the Yellow Emperor, we offer health care for the whole family and can help almost any condition. We specialize in chronic & difficult to treat disorders, but are also skilled at pain management, moderate acute illnesses, musculoskeletal disorders, reproductive disorders and mental/emotional disturbance. Please call or stop by to learn for yourself how these ancient holistic healing modalities can benefit you.

In addition to our treatment rooms we have a fully stocked herbal apothecary with both raw herbs for cooking and patent formulas which have been around for centuries. 

Our Mission

To improve the quality of health for the community by using sustainable resources and knowledge. We accomplish this through three means- education, intervention and food as medicine.

*By increasing ones own body awareness, using a classical eastern medical philosophy, we can modulate our health before it manifests as physical symptoms. 

*Qi Gong, or restorative breathing exercises and acupuncture can help us modulate our own energies for good. We can diagnose and treat using acupuncture and yoga like exercises to maintain healthy relationships with our bodies.

*We have a vast array of raw herbs for purchase and we can modify a classic formula to suit your needs for that particular day. If your needs require a classic formula we have that on hand too; in the form of hundreds of patent formulas that East Asia has been using for thousands of years. 


We must treat the spirit first
— Huang Di, 2696 BCE