March Healing Special

Increase Clarity and Awareness

Remove Obstacles to Healing

Integrate Health and Life Goals

Intensify your Treatment Plan for Comprehensive, Efficient Results

Improve Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Through an in-depth consultation, prioritize healing goals and create an individualized treatment plan that works with your schedule budget, health concerns and life goals. Whether you would like a targeted program for chronic or acute illness, a general wellness plan or a course for emotional and spiritual study we have flexible and effective approaches for any situation.



Plans may include Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture with master acupuncturist Yen Wei Choong, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, energetic healing, dietary plans, meditation instruction and educational classes, such as Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory - Understanding your TCM Diagnosis and and Patterns, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Dissolving Eotional Energy Underlying Various Conditions . . . .

We offer compassionate complimentary cancer care, support for hospice and terminal illness, general wellness, women's health innovative strategies for chronic or acute conditions and solutions for difficult conditions, as well as individual acupuncture or aromatherapy treatments. 

*Special Integrative care Plans with Professor Yen Wei Choong and Sarah C. Mowdy*