Comprehensive Integrative Consultations, Treatment Plans, Coaching and Workshops

Sarah C. Mowdy, L.Ac., MScOM (Master of Science Oriental Medicine)

Painting by Jill Amundsen:

Painting by Jill Amundsen:

Assessment and treatment plans to overcome acute or chronic conditions, or fulfill personal goals, can be applied to physical, mental, energetic or spiritual concerns and creative endeavors and projects.


In the initial consultation we will prioritize goals and create a constructive plan to heal physical conditions, overcome dis-harmonic patterns and strengthen the integrity and resiliency of the body mind and spirit.


For those working on creative projects or fulfilling personal goals – energetic testing and methods of discovering and removing mental, psychological and energetic blocks will be provided. This process facilitates moving through obstacles by fine-tuning discernment and identifying productive pathways that lead to a greater sense of benevolence, achievement and learning while applying integrous principles and sound methods.


Workshop Series ~ Advanced Healing (see Events)

Sundays from 10 am -12 pm

Pre-register: 415.459.2160

$125 ea